CHOUCHOU (a nick name of a teen mother) was born in 2000 pregnant at 15 years old and now she is 18 years old. She is the daughter of RUHARA and MUKAMWIZA (nick names).They live in RUSHANGARA village, SOVU cell, KIGABIRO sector, Rwamagana district, Eastern province. Her parents are farmer with low income.  CHOUCHOU was […]

Opinion leaders’ lens on the URI NYAMPINGA Project impact

Mr. MANIRIHO Francois 35 years old, is an opinion leader living in Gafuka Cell, Kinoni Sector, Burera District. Mr. MANIRIHO FrancoisconductingUmugorobaw’ababyeyi is confirming the impact of URI NYAMPINGA PROJECT on Beneficiaries and on the entire community in general. He issaying that GBV, GBV Laws, Child Right trainings provided to local leaders helped them to have […]



In her story, Donathille describes her life with her husband before and after being trained and sensitized on women’s unpaid care work and how they can reduce it to enable her to do other economic and social work. MUKAMANZI Donatille is married to Bizimana Innocent since 1986. They have 10 children together, 5 boys and […]

Dialogue, source of unity and reconciliation between Divine and her mother.

NYINAWUMUNTU Divine, 19,lives with her mother in KINGONDO village, KARITUTU cell, MUHAZI Sector, RwamaganaDistrict, Eastern province. She lost her father at the age of 8 and from that time,she went to live with her grandmother because after the death of her father, her mother was remarried. Reaching grandmother home, Divine went to school but droppedout […]

I am trusted and have Self-confidence: MUTUMWINKA Clarisse

MUTUMWINKA Clarisse, 19, lives in RwamaganaDistrict, Muhazi sector, Nyarusange cell, Plage village. Born in family of 11 children; from 3 years old she was raised at her aunt and returned home at the age of ten years. When she come back, it was not easier for both parents to meet at home because bothparents are […]