Réseau des Femmes oeuvrant pour le développement rural

Réseau des Femmes Oeuvrant pour le Développement Rural is a national NGO of public interest created in 1986 regulated by Law N° 04/2012 of 17/02/2012, relative to organization and functioning of national NGOs..Its Statutes have been published respectively in the Official Gazette N° 9 of May 1st, 1992, reviewed then and published in the Official Gazette No 23 of the 06/06/2011.


Contributing to the empowerment of rural women so that they are fully involved in the transformation of their lives and become actors and vectors of a positive change for the sustainable development.


A society where women like men, girls and boys have and enjoy equal opportunities allowing them to fully and efficiently contribute to the sustainable development.


Self confidence
Transparency & Accountability
Unity & Solidarity
Mutual respect

Our activities

  • Increase the knowledge of women and to reinforce their capacities;
  • Lead researches in order to identify and to analyze the mains reasons that affect the development of women;
  • Have participation with the partners with whom the Organization have the same vision;
  • Play the positive influence role and advocate for the gender integration in the Organizations, in the programs and in the projects.

Our organs

  • General Assembly
  • National Coordination Committee
  • Provincial Assembly
  • Provincial Coordination Committee and Kigali city
  • The Audit committee
  • Conflict resolution Organ

Our objectives

  • Promoting and encouraging women's associations and other socio–economic activities in honor of rural women;
  • Reinforcing women’s capacity in their professional activities linked to rural women's development;
  • Facilitating information sharing among women active in rural development and among rural development partners;
  • Playing the role of exercising positive influence and advocacy for gender sensitivity in organizations, development programs and projects.