CHOUCHOU (a nick name of a teen mother) was born in 2000 pregnant at 15 years old and now she is 18 years old. She is the daughter of RUHARA and MUKAMWIZA (nick names).They live in RUSHANGARA village, SOVU cell, KIGABIRO sector, Rwamagana district, Eastern province. Her parents are farmer with low income. 

CHOUCHOU was born in the family of four children (2girls and two boys) and one of the boy has established his own family. There are three children at home includes CHOUCHOU. The family is headed by her mother because she has separated with her father since 2009 due to continuous conflicts within their families since their first day of their marriage. The man was drinker.  

CHOUCHOU and her mother continued to live in bad condition facing extreme poverty with no house because the one in which they lived has been damaged.  Since that time they began the struggle of lodging in rent house by paying the farm’s works because of not having any resources and money to pay. In 2013, they found the home whose owner is the brother of CHOUCHOU. CHOUCHOU started the primary school but in 2015 dropped out while in P4 because of missing material and contribution fees at school

Let’s understand the story from CHOUCHOU of getting pregnant:

”We lived in my brother’s house, he was single and was 22 years old as I was 15years old. He used to join me in the house while my mother had gone to seek job in the neighboring farms to cultivate so as to get money, he asked me to have sex, once, twice, and continued like that. Without knowing about my menstrual cycle and with fear, I accept to do so. 

In February 2016, once a time, I felt unhappy and some changes in my life appeared like missing the menstrual period and the nausea occurred. I became afraid and decide to inform my brother what happened to me. I informed him that I was pregnant, he denied immediately by insulting me that he could not marry  some one who have not fingers and toes because my mother and me were born with half fingers and missed toes.

I told  my mother what happened to me, she insulted me then prohibited me to never say it to any other person because the perpetrator was my brother and we lived with him in the same house and if I did he would chase us from his house and would have no other shelter. At the time of giving birth, my mother was convinced by my brother to lie the hospital about the real father of my child.

At that time my mother said that the father was the friend of our family. The certificate birth came with the imaginary kid’s father>>.

Through the Uri Nyampianga project, I and my mother participated in different activities such us trainings on GBV issues related, GBV laws and the child rights. From these trainings I understood child’s rights and committed to fight for the rights of my child and myself.

My mother accepted to accompanied me to the civil status for the registration of my child with the real name of his parents even though he denied his baby. I’m waiting for the support to go to judicial institutions to fight for the rights of my children.

We had been trained also on Sexual and reproductive health, this one helped me to never fall in the second unwanted pregnancy because I took decision to say no to each boy should request me to do sex with him.  Also we have been offered with skills on entrepreneurship and this helped us to do savings which allowed me to begin my own small business on selling tomatoes from local area to the city market. Now, I am able to buy myself the soap, body lotion, pay the health insurance using the income from my business. I have been strengthened to build my future.” Said by CHOUCHOU”.

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