Opinion leaders’ lens on the URI NYAMPINGA Project impact

Mr. MANIRIHO Francois 35 years old, is an opinion leader living in Gafuka Cell, Kinoni Sector, Burera District.

Mr. MANIRIHO FrancoisconductingUmugorobaw’ababyeyi is confirming the impact of URI NYAMPINGA PROJECT on Beneficiaries and on the entire community in general.

He issaying that GBV, GBV Laws, Child Right trainings provided to local leaders helped them to have a good understanding of the importance of child rights and preventing unwanted pregnancy among teenage. The absence of these knowledgeto local authorities, caused a lot of confusions andmisunderstanding which affect community wellbeing.

MANIRIHO Francois added” before the training we were not able to understand the problem of teenage pregnancy in our sector and how this is affecting negativelyboth teenagelives, their children and their family. Now we are here to prevent this in our sector and support those who got pregnant as well as GBV victims”.

After the training, a plan of action was developed to be able totacklereal problems that underpins GBV, Child right and unwanted pregnancies among teenage and this included firstly to  conduct awareness raising on child right especially the right of child to have parents and being registered in civil status books, and secondly to mobilize all the communitymembers on fighting against  gender based violence which was prevalent in the community.

According to MANIRIHO Francois, all these weredone,and the outcome is the reduction of cases of GBV, child right issues as well as the teenage pregnancyincidence.

“It is not only the above problems solved due to this project but also the problem of families who harassed and / or rejected their daughters because of teenage pregnancy which is now ended. A typical example is the family NTIBARIKURE Callixte’ s family who had rejected her daughter after getting pregnant but know she is back home and live with family and get all necessary support from parents.”said François Francois concluded that projects like this are welcome because they are making sustainable impact in the community and they are contributing positively to human rights and henceforth to the development in general.

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